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Our Cheese Meal:

Goat cheese platter

An assortment of hard cheeses & moldy cheeses: Kidron, Kedem with wine, Manchigo, Tom, Camembert & Sheep's milk Roquefort.

Whole wheat bread

Sherry tomatoes in our special sauce

"Arab Style" vegetable salad

Labanne cheese with olive oil and za'atar

Garlic and fennel butter/ Bursan cheese

Home pickled Syrian & Kalamata olives

115 NIS- Meal for two (ask the waiter for family meal)

Can'anite labanne meal:

Labanne cheese with olive oil and za'atar

Sliced vegetables

Syrian Olives in olive oil

Whole wheat bread

52 NIS

Hard cheese platter:             Soft Cheeses:

Small platter:       40 NIS              Labanne:                                   20 NIS

Medium platter:   60 NIS                Borsan:                                   22 NIS

Large platter:        80 NIS                        Labanne with olive oil & zaater: 26 NIS


Goat Muesli:

Homemade Granola rich with dried fruits and nuts

Natural goat yogurt with honey or date honey on fresh fruits

27 NIS

Our farm salad:

Baby leaves/ Lettuce, mint, graded carrot, sherry tomatoes, Onion,

champignon mushrooms, roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds,

graded Bulgarian cheese, olive oil & lemon

54 NIS


Ask your waiter

26 NIS









Shapira              20 NIS

The Lone Tree  19 NIS



Local Wines "Gush Azion Wineries"

Red/ White Wine

"Nahal Hapirim" White/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Organic Merlot        86/24 NIS

"Nahal Hapirim" Red                                                              99 NIS

Cabernet Sauvignon/ Cabernet Frank                                     154 NIS

Cold Beverages:                                    Hot Drinks:

Natural goat yogurt (500 ml) 15 NIS                    Cappuccino Goat/Cow14/16 NIS

Fruit goat yogurt (500ml)      15 NIS                     Instant Coffee                10 NIS

Fresh squeezed pomegranate                                 Instant Coffee (milk base)

Juice (from our farm)             16 NIS                                                         12 NIS     

Mineral Water                         10 NIS                     Espresso Short/Tall         8 NIS

Soda                                            8 NIS                     Espresso – Double        10 NIS

Pitcher of 100% Natural fruit                                 Green tea fusion            10 NIS

Soda (from concentrate)                                         Americano                    10 NIS

(Apple/ Orange/ Cherry)        23 NIS                    Black Coffee                    7 NIS

Glass of goats milk                   7 NIS